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Jim Hamm, Writer, Producer, Director

Jim has been writing, producing and directing documentaries since 1984. He has a degree in History, a Teaching Certificate and Film Studies from Simon Fraser University.

Mr. Hamm’s latest production, Radical Attitudes: The Architecture of Douglas Cardinal, is a 48-minute documentary that looks at one of Canada’s most iconoclastic architects and philosophers of architectural space. In this program, we come to understand the unique fusion of the landscape with Cardinal’s Native Indian and European roots to create the inspiration for his concepts of curvilinear organic architecture. Radical Attitudes received the Leo Award for Best Documentary – Arts / Performing Arts, celebrating excellence in British Columbia film and television. The film was premiered by the Canadian Museum of Civilization with broadcasts on Bravo!, APTN, Knowledge Network, SCN and Canadian Learning Channel.

His previous project, the feature length documentary The Spirit Wrestlers, looks at the dramatic and troubling story of the century of Doukhobor life in Canada. The film lays bare the brutal ways that governments and state agencies sought to forcibly assimilate generations of Doukhobor parents and children, producing in response, some of Canada’s worst acts of terrorism. The Spirit Wrestlers was an offical selection at Toronto’s Hot Docs 2002 Canadian International Documentary Festival. The film was broadcast on History Television, Vision TV, Knowledge Network and SCN.

The 48-minute award winning 1999 documentary, Turning Down The Heat: The New Energy Revolution travels the world in search of practical and promising solutions to climate change that can be used by Canadians. From wind turbines in Denmark, to solar in California, to the hydrogen fuel cell in Canada -- the film takes an optimistic look at how we can radically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Turning Down The Heat is a co-production with the NFB and in association with CBC’s Nature of Things, with narration by Dr. David Suzuki. It has been broadcast in over 30 countries, to date.

Mr. Hamm’s 44-minute documentary Between The Rock and A Hard Place, is the quintessential Canadian story of boom and bust as the over-exploitation and collapse of yet another natural resource forces the migration of Newfoundlanders to Fort Nelson, British Columbia to start a new life. The film was produced in association with CBC Newsworld and broadcast on Newsworld’s Rough Cuts Series and CBC Newfoundland.

The Air We Breathe, another award winning documentary, is an examination of the problem of smog due to auto-dependency and urban design in Canadian and American cities. The film was co-produced with the NFB and broadcast on CBC Newsworld Rough Cuts Series, WTN, SCN, Knowledge Network, TV Ontario and internationally.

Smile And Dial, a docu-drama on a charity fundraising scam that used teenagers as telephone solicitors in an environment reminiscent of a Dickens novel was invited to the 1986 Grierson Documentary Film Seminars and screened at the VIFF in1987. It was broadcasted on CBC Canadian Perspectives, Knowledge Network and Access Alberta.

In 1983, his experimental docu-drama, Generic Desire, was a finalist at the Seattle Film and Video Festival and was screened at the Chicago International Film Festival.

Over the years Jim has production managed the dramatic feature films, Terminal City Ricochet, Shelly and Regeneration. He line-produced the docu-dramas, A Chance For Change, about aids awareness in Native communities and The Sentencing Dilemma, an examination of the sentencing issues the courts face when prosecuting assault cases. He also production managed the documentary, Gurdwara - House Of The Guru, on the spiritual life of the Sikh community in Vancouver.

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